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Creality3D CP-01 3 in 1 Modular 3D Printer
Creality3D CP-01 3 in 1 Modular 3D Printer
Creality3D CP-01 3 in 1 Modular 3D Printer
Creality3D CP-01 3 in 1 Modular 3D Printer

Creality3D CP-01 3 in 1 Modular 3D Printer


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Main Features
● 3D printing, CNC cutting, laser, one machine three main functions
● 200 x 200 x 200mm oversized size meets creative creation in different modes
● The interchangeability between the modules is strong, and the assembly can be completed quickly and universally
● The module head can be replaced by a 30-second hand screw, and the space for the whole machine is large
● High precision
3D printing model is fine, the layer pattern is near; the CNC cutting model is smooth and the surface is flat; the CNC cutting positioning error is small, and the engraving model is exquisite.
● Support printing/cutting/ engraving of various consumables
● Full belt drive, stable operation
● Ming Wei power supply, automatic adaptation of voltage regulation, safe and secure
● Power failure continued
● The appearance is upgraded, the whole machine adopts industrial grade aluminum profiles, the look and feel is simple and generous, the new UI interface enhances intelligent interaction.



Brand: Creality 
Model: CP - 01 
Type: 3D Laser,CNC,DIY 
Material (Frames): Aluminium Extrusion 
Platform board: Aluminum Alloy,Aluminum Base 
Nozzle diameter: 0.4mm 
Nozzle temperature: 0 to 260 degree 
Product forming size: 200*200*200mm 
Layer thickness: 0.1-0.4mm 
Memory card offline print: TF card 
LCD Screen: Yes 
Print speed: 10-80mm/s 
Platform temperature: Room temperature to 100 degree 
Supporting material: ABS,Leather,Paper,PLA,PVA,TPU,Wood 
Language: English 
File format: AMF,BMP,OBJ,STL 
Model supporting function: Yes 
Voltage: 100V/240V 
Working Power: Input; 100-240v output; 24v 
Host computer software: Cura,Simplify3D 
Packing Type: unassembled packing 
Voltage Range: Input 100-240v AC output 24v 
Connector Type: TF card,USB

Dimensions and Weight

Product weight: 11.5000 kg 
Package weight: 15.5000 kg 
Package size (L x W x H): 63.00 x 46.50 x 25.00 cm / 24.8 x 18.31 x 9.84 inches

Package Contents

Packing Contents: 1 x Module Machine